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More Cold Weather Headed For the Midwest This Week

/ January 21st, 2014 / Comments Off

Residents of the Midwest and Northeast are in for another swath of cold air this week, just as the temperatures were beginning to warm up slightly. The “polar vortex” as it is called, swept through the United States over the past couple of weeks, bringing

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Many Businesses Affected by Aftermath of Extreme Cold Weather

/ January 17th, 2014 / Comments Off

The polar vortex that had much of the country in its icy grips has since moved on but its not soon to be forgotten as the extreme cold has caused many problems for businesses and schools. There were thousands and thousands of people all over

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Milder Temperatures Predicted for the U.S Over the Weekend

/ January 9th, 2014 / Comments Off

Living in the Midwest and Northeastern states has not been very pleasant as of late. A polar vortex has been making its rounds across much of the U.S, but luckily a warm front will be moving in later this week and into the weekend. Finally

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Bitterly Cold Temperatures Move into Midwest

/ January 6th, 2014 / Comments Off

A polar vortex from the North Pole is causing extremely cold weather in the Midwest this week. The vortex, which is a cyclonic air mass that typically hangs out over Canada has swept down over the Great Lakes according to NOAA to cause extremely cold

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Snow & Cold Temperatures Continue for Northeast

/ January 2nd, 2014 / Comments Off

Residents in the Northeast are bracing for a cold welcome to 2014 due to a winter storm predicted to bring snow and frigid temperatures across many parts of the region. The states have already dealt with winter storm Dion, Cleon, Electra, and Gemini, and now

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