Snow and Ice in the Forecast For the United States Midweek

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Milder temperatures have been soaring through the United States throughout the beginning of the week, but unfortunately, it will only be short lived. Just as many people thought that the winter season was coming to a close, Winter Storm Vulcan will be tearing its way through the Midwest and Northeast starting Tuesday through Thursday. Heavy accumulations of snow, ice, rain, and cold temperatures can be expected for the middle of this week.

Starting on Tuesday, this cell will impact the Rockies, Plains and the Upper Mississippi Valley. From there, it will shift into the Northeast and strengthen, so there is a very high potential for heavy snow and a narrow zone of ice that will be brought along by strong gusty winds.


Parts of the central and northern Rockies will be affected on Tuesday, and the higher mountain peaks of the rockies may see over a foot of snow. Lower elevations of the Rockies and some of the larger cities may only see a couple of inches. Also, winds of up to 30 mph are possible. This means that blowing snow and reduced visibility are a definite possibility.

Vulcan will then move into the Midwest on Wednesday, where it will impact the High plains and Upper Midwest. The heaviest amounts of snow will be located in parts of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and the lower region of Michigan. More than likely this large cell will begin as rain and then when the temperature drops it will shift into snow.  A narrow area of sleet or freezing rain is also possible in these areas.  Areas that are located west of the Mississippi River can expect very light accumulations, except for the parts of the northern Black Hills in South Dakota. Winds may also reach up to 30 mph in the Midwest as well.

On Tuesday night, the snow is expected to reach into western New York, including Buffalo and Rochester after midnight. On Wednesday, Pennsylvania to New York and New England can be expected to receive accumulations. Throughout Thursday, lingering snow and windy conditions are possible in New England, New Jersey, and upstate New York. The max amount of snow is up to 1 foot in some areas across the western and northern parts of NY and NE. Winds may even exceed 40 mph at some points.

It is important to be careful while on the roads because even though this cell may start off as rain and sleet, a deep freeze is set to occur and this will turn the rain into ice on the roads. These icy conditions, along with gusty winds could even delay flights in the northeast.

After being teased with warmer temperatures in the beginning of the week, a deep freeze will sneak its way back into the United States. Some daily record lows are possible throughout Thursday and Friday in the Great Lakes region and the Northeast.

Stay tuned to your local weather authority for any updates on Winter Storm Vulcan, or also to the Weather Channel.

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