Severe Weather In the Forecast For the Rest Of the Week

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As expected this time of year, a pattern of severe storms will be hitting the central United States throughout the week and into the weekend. The plains states will see the worst of this system, but other parts of the country will also see minor weather patterns, although not severe. The affected states will be seeing a risk of tornadoes, damaging winds, hail, and heavy rainfall as we make our way throughout the week and spring into the new month.

Starting on Tuesday, the threat for damaging and severe weather will be quite low. There is the chance of a small isolated severe storm cell making its way into a portion of Texas and Oklahoma. From there, the storm will begin to break apart and scatter throughout the plains states of Kansas and Missouri. The biggest threat on Tuesday will be isolated incidents of hail throughout these states.

Going into Wednesday, the threat for severe weather will increase. The Mississippi Valley and Northern Texas will be these systems main targets on Wednesday. The system that is expected to hit this area has the potential to create large scale tornadoes and produce large diameter hail. The only way that this will happen though is if these cells can overcome a suppressing cap in the atmosphere. Texas, Oklahoma, and southern Kansas can expect the threat for large amounts of hail.

As the week goes on, so does the threat for tornadoes and severe weather. Thursday will include the highest threat for severe weather this week. A very large system of severe weather is expected to begin to move into the lower park of Illinois, eastern Texas, western Louisiana, and will then make its way eastward into the evening hours. Come 7 or 8 o’clock, this cell will have moved into the lower Mississippi and Ohio Valleys. The most ominous threat for this system will be large hail, damaging straight line winds, and tornadoes as well. Some of the more isolated cells in the northern portion of the affected region may produce large hail and very heavy rainfall throughout most of the day.

This high risk will decrease to just a medium chance for severe weather come Friday morning. Scattered severe thunderstorms will form a line from the Ohio Valley to the Southeast. Straight-line winds will have the potential to become very damaging, which can knock down power lines all over the region. Tornadoes may also have the ability to pop up due to these conditions in the lower Ohio and Tennessee Valleys.

As every spring, these severe weather patterns are normal for the time of year that has come upon us. It is not unusual that the severe weather begins to ramp up in springtime due to the clashing of atmospheric pressure from the south and north. Before this weather begins to ramp up, it is always a good idea to begin any home repairs that need to be done such as shingle repairs, gutter cleanouts, etc. Also, it is important to always keep an emergency kit on hand while at home or even in your vehicle. Weather patterns can be unexpected, and more than likely unavoidable. Being prepared for a disaster puts you one step ahead of the game when it comes to severe weather.

Stay tuned to your local weather authority for more updates on this particular system or check out The Weather Channel for immediate updates when changes occur.

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