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If you have mold in your home or business, you may have a minor issue or a major bio hazard. Mold is one of the largest challenges property owners face in figuring out how to tackle and when to call in a professional. As a general guide, there is rarely a one size fits all approach to remediation and cleaning up from mold or mildew. The NRN team will assess the damaged areas, attempt to identify the source (water) that has caused the issue and work with qualified IRQ companies to create a professional scope for remediation and cleaning. Our team has thirty plus years experience in handling mold, mildew and moisture issues and recognizes the dangers that occur when you do not properly contain the impacted areas and have the proper procedures in place to ensure the mold is safely removed from the property.

Mold growth is a problem in many homes. While virtually all homes have mold spores floating in the air, these spores can only cause a problem if they find a spot of moisture in which to grow. Black mold particularly causes a host of health problems from mild allergy symptoms to headaches to coughing up blood.

The best way to take care of a mold problem is to call a professional. They are well versed in how to get rid of it and teach preventive measures for the future. Since moisture is the main problem, they can recommend on how to treat water problems. If the professional removes the mold but the water problem still exists, the mold will likely return. Here are a few things a professional will do to correct a mold problem:

Make Sure Mold is There
A good contractor will show the homeowner what the mold looks like and where he found it. Charging someone to clean up mold that is not there is a serious fraud issue. The first step a professional company will take is to fully assess the home to find if and where mold is growing.

Keep the Mold in One Place
Once contractors have located the mold, the mold professionals take precautions so that it does not spread to other rooms. As they work to remove the mold, they will place sheets of plastic around the area that contains mold. This keeps the mold from reproducing itself in the rest of the home. Even if mold contaminates more of the house, professionals will clear one room at a time to prevent this.

Clean the Air
Since mold spores travel through the air, the next step is to clean the air. Contractors will filter the air through machines equipped with HEPA filters. This removes any mold spores and other contaminating materials from the air to prevent continuous growth.

Get Rid of the Mold
Once the professionals have completed the preparatory work, they will begin the arduous task of removing mold. They will clean glass, plastic and other non-porous materials first. Mold hides in crevices of materials like concrete or wood, so it is sometimes difficult to remove it all. Sometimes the contractor will have to dispose of these materials.

Repair Mold Damage
After ridding the home of irreparable structures, the remaining damage can often be corrected. The solution goes back to the original moisture problem. Waterproofing will help the homeowner to avoid future mold growth. Once the moisture source is gone, the mold should be gone as well.

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