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Home owners in the state of Florida often face the issue of mold growth in their homes. The state of Florida is a humid state, meaning the humidity levels are quite high. Mold thrives in humid environments. The heavy use of air conditioning in the state of Florida also contributes to the mold issues faced by many home owners in Florida. Many people feel that having a mold outbreak in their home means they are somehow to blame or somehow dirty, but the truth is any home owner can face an outbreak of mold. Mold however is not harmless or just a mere nuisance. Some strains of mold can have serious health risks, effecting ones lungs, causing respiratory illness and sickness. All molds produce mycotoxins. The mycotoxins which are present in the spores of the mold are dangerous, that is why the term toxin is at the end of that medical term. The health risks of mold are all to real, deaths have even been attributed to mold.

Environmental Cleanup For Mold, Mildew Damages

Mold also slowly destroys from within anything that it comes into contact with. The reason that mold destroys your home and building materials is that mold actually eats everything it comes into contact with. Mold can eat wood, concrete, fiberboard, drywall, carpeting, paneling and even plaster. Should your home have mold present, this needs to be addressed. Only a licensed mold remediation company, such as NRN services of Florida is capable of diagnosing exactly which strain of mold is present, and completely eradicating the mold out break. The presence of mold needs to be addressed immediately.

NRN services of Florida can test your home for mold, and identify what strain or strains of mold are present within your home. Some home owners delay dealing with the mold present in their homes, only to find out later on that the delay has cost them greatly due to the expense of mold remediation. The sooner mold is removed, the less likely that the mold remediation will be costly. It is not advisable to try to perform mold removal yourself. Most people do not have the tools or training to do it right. Hiring a mold remediation company is only sound choice, so make sure you hire the right one.

NRN services of Florida knows that every mold situation is different, and we will provide our clients with the right solution to addresses their homes unique mold exposure issue. NRN services of Florida has over 20 years experience in mold removal and remediation for both commercial and residential properties. NRN
follows strict protocols and guidelines to help ensure the safe removal and disposal of the areas affected by mold. Our experts will also find the water source and what is causing the mold growth. Should the mold inspection reveal a high level of contamination, a microbiologist may be needed to test the area affected by the mold. A plan of action will then be made for the mold removal, and remediating the damage done by the mold. NRN services will work directly with you or your insurance company at your preference. NRN services is the solution if mold is the problem! Call us today for a property assessment.

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