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Mold is a common hazard that home owners in Kentucky face. Mold can only grow in your home or business if there is excessive moisture or water for the mold spores to take hold. Mold is a completely natural part of the environment, and both mold and mildew are part of the fungi family which is neither plant nor animal but a hybrid of both. Molds reproduce in your home by means of airborne spores. These spores will take hold and create mold colonies in your home if they land in an area with moisture or water.

Mold can cause many varied health problems, creating a dangerous health hazard for anyone breathing in mold spores. Mold has been well known to cause allergic reactions in people as well as sending out irritants into the properties air flow. Some strains of mold will produce a toxic substance into the air flow of the home called mycotoxins. Inhaling or touching these spores can cause severe allergic reactions in people. Mild symptoms include hay fever like symptoms, sneezing, runny noses, red eyes, difficulty breathing, excessive phlegm or mucus and skin rash. Molds has also been known to cause asthma attacks. Mold is especially dangerous to the elderly, children, people with compromised immune systems, pets and people with breathing conditions such as COPD or asthma.

Mold can also damage your home. There have been cases where homes have been condemned over excessive mold infestation in fact. Mold infestations of your property can lower the value of your property dramatically. Mold can also slowly destroy your home. The reason for this is mold feeds off of the building materials of your home such as drywall, base boards, wood, carpeting, and other building materials. Mold can also damage other building materials that it cannot eat as a food by discoloring and staining them, such as staining plastics, stone and concrete. Mold can be removed through the act of mold remediation by a professional mold remediation company.


NRN is your trusted local mold remediation company. We have over 30 years of extensive experience at mold removal and mold remediation, for both residential and commercial properties. We are fully IICRC certified, which is the industries highest standard of care and service. We not only meet the IICRCs standards, we exceed them. NRN will gladly work with you and your insurance agency, or offer direct billing at your option. We have the latest technology and equipment in mold remediation, and we can quickly contain your properties mold infestation and remove the mold from your home. Every case of mold infestation is different from another and NRNs experts can assess your unique exposures problem and develop a tailored solution designed to contain and remove the mold infestation as quickly as possible. We can also deal with the source of your mold infestation by sealing any leaks we find, thoroughly drying out your home and extracting any water. NRN has a best price guarantee, no one can match our prices or our level of service, which has made us an industry leader in mold remediation. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and we are also members of the Better Business Bureau of the United States with an A rating due to 100% customer satisfaction. If mold is your problem, NRN is your solution. If you have a mold problem or suspect a mold infestation, call NRN today for a mold assessment.

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