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Mold is a rather common issue that home owners can face in Lexington, Kentucky. Many people will often ask why is mold growing in my home? Mold is a natural part of the environment, it is every where. Mold is part of the fungi family, which also includes it’s lesser cousin mildew. There are thousands of varieties of mold, but none of them will take hold in your home without excessive water or moisture. Mold come in a variety of colors and shades, but it is not just so called toxic black mold that people need to worry about, mold of any color can be harmful to ones health or home. Mold reproduce via spores, which float through the air. Mold will begin to grow when these spores land on any wet or moist surface, such as basement walls or bathroom ceilings. You cannot see mold spores, for these spores are invisible to the naked eye. These spores can cause a variety of health problems to anyone breathing them in. It is only when the level of mold indoors exceeds the level of mold found outdoors near the home that mold has become an issue.

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excessive black moldAll molds can cause potential health problems, depending on the strain of mold present and how much mold is present. Mold can produce allergens, which can cause severe allergic reactions. Molds can also send out irritants into your homes air flow. In rare cases potentially toxic substances, known as mycotoxins can be produced by the mold, sickening anyone breathing in these mycotoxins. People can also develop lung infections and other infections from these toxic mold spores. Elderly, children, people with compromised immune systems, people with COPD or asthma and pets are especially susceptible to health complications due to mold. Mold growing in the home is a serious thing that should not go left untreated.

NRN of Lexington, Kentucky has over 30 years of experience in mold remediation. We are your local trusted mold remediation experts, with a best price guarantee, no one can beat our prices or our level of service. We are fully IICRC certified, which is the highest standard in mold remediation, and we not only meet the IICRCs standards, we exceed them. We are members of the Better Business Bureau of the United States in good standing with an A rating due to 100% customer satisfaction. No mold remediation job is complete until our clients are 100% satisfied with the results.

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Our Process of mold remediation starts with sending a certified mold remediation expert to survey your property and test for mold. We may require that your home have an IAQ ( Indoor Air Quality ) test be performed, should the level of mold in your home be excessive. Depending on the degree of contamination present on your property, we may request a microbiologist to test for which exact strain of mold is present and create a plan to remediate your mold problem. We will then remove the mold, containing the mold to the effected areas of the home during the process. We will also deal with the source of the mold problem by extracting any water, drying out your home or business and stopping any source of excessive water such as leaky pipes that has led to the mold infestation. We will will work with your insurance company or offer direct billing at your preference. NRN also has a best price guarantee. If mold is your problem, call the experts at NRN today for a mold assessment.

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