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One of the most serious risks a home or property owner is most likely to face in Massachusetts is that of a mold infestation on their home or property. Mold poses serious risks to the health of a properties occupants. Mold also can destroy your home over time. If you like hundreds of residents of Massachusetts that every year discover a mold infestation of their property, are facing a mold problem, you need to quickly address the issue. Mold if left unchecked, can spread further into the home or business. Not all mold will be detectable by the naked eye either. Rest assured that for every bit of mold you can see with the naked eye, more mold or mildew resides hidden in your home, underneath places such as drywall, carpeting, floor boards and ceiling tiles.

Mold is a serious health risk to both you and your family. Mold exposure has been known to cause lung infections, allergies, allergic reactions, compound asthma or COPD problems. The people which are most sensitive to mold health risks are the elderly, babies as well as small children and people with compromised immune systems. Mold exposure can also cause hypersensitivity reactions, irritant reactions, or toxic reactions in people exposed to the mold spores according to a 2004 University of Connecticut Health Center study. It is advisable to call a professional mold remediation contractor to get your home inspected for mold if you have or suspect you have mold present.


Mold also has real consequences to your homes structure and building materials. Mold and its lesser cousin mildew, both eat away your homes building materials in order to feed. Molds food sources in your home include your drywall, wood, paneling, ceiling tiles, fiber board, and carpeting and fabrics. Mold can also damage other building materials which are not a food source, such as staining plastics, cement and stone. The longer you allow mold to grow within your property, the more damage will be done. Not all mold damage is readily apparent either. We have seen ceiling collapse due to mold rot, where the home owners never knew the ceiling had a mold issue. This is especially true in locations such as the ceiling underneath a second floor bathroom for example. A mold remediation expert when performing a mold inspection of your home can use thermal and moisture detectors to find all the mold present in your home.

NRN of Massachusetts is your local mold remediation experts. We have been in business for over 30 years now, helping thousands of customers deal with their mold problems. Our record of success and customer satisfaction have made us an industry leader in the mold removal and mold and environmental clean up industry. We are IICRC certified, which is the highest standard in the mold remediation and mold removal industry.. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and we guarantee customer satisfaction. We carry the best and most advanced equipment available in the industry, including thermal foggers, thermal detection devices, moisture meters and ozone machines to treat mold infestations and remove the musty odors mold brings. If you have a mold problem, do not let it fester, delaying mold remediation will only make it harder and more costly to remove later. If you are dealing with a mold infestation or suspect your home may have a mold problem, call the experts at NRN today for a mold assessment.

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