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Has mold invaded your home, and you have no idea how to go about getting it removed? You don’t need to look any further, because NRN services are just the ones for the job. With 30 years of experience specializing in mold removal, we know what it takes for a successful remediation, and will do everything in our power to achieve it. Mold can be hazardous to your health, and that is why it is of utmost importance to call soon after learning of the issue. After your call, we will dispatch our certified technicians and state of the art equipment to your location to start the remediation process. In simpler terms, this means that we will find the excess source of moisture, eliminate it, and then begin removing the mold from your removing mold

NRN provides additional emergency services in Rochester for property owners who need help with fire and smoke damageflooded basementsstorm damage and flooding cleanup.

Having mold does not mean you are dirty or have a filthy home. Mold can grow almost anywhere, requiring only moisture and oxygen to grow. In homes in which a high level of mold is present, there is often a water damage issue or excessive moisture accumulating due to a water source within the home. if this moisture problem remains undiscovered or unaddressed it will be impossible to eliminate all mold and mold spores within the home or business. A properly trained and experienced mold remediation company such as NRN services of Rochester, Minnesota can not only find and remove the mold colonies within your home, but they will also address the cause of the problem by finding the moisture source and dealing with that issue so that the mold will not regrow again. Future mold growth can be contained and prevented by controlling the moisture levels indoors.


NRN services of Rochester, Minnesota are your complete mold remediation experts, with over 20 years experience and expertise in mold removal. NRN services provides mold removal services, mold prevention, water damage repair and remediation, moisture detection, and complete mold remediation. NRN services knows every case of mold is different. We take into account the size of the moisture problem, the types of damaged materials and the size of the mold infestation when developing a mold remediation plan for your home or business. In homes or buildings with extensive mold growth, we may require a micro biologist to come and test the mold to determine which strain of mold is present as well as the indoor air quality. NRN services will set up containment areas to prevent mold spores from spreading throughout your home during the mold remediation process. We will also work with the property owner to fix the water or humidity problem as well as Complete any repair plan that may be needed in the case of water damage.

NRN services has the most up to date equipment in the mold remediation industry such as HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air vacuums, Infra-Red and Thermal Imaging diagnostic tools and moisture meters to detect the source of the water which is feeding the mold growth. we also perform pressure differentials and air flow analysis to see how the mold is affecting your home or property. We use only safe chemicals and solutions to treat your home for mold as customer satisfaction and safety is our number one priority. If you are dealing with a mold out break, call NRN services today to schedule an appointment for mold remediation services in Rochester, Minnesota and the surrounding area.

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