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Has your home or business been exposed to or over run by mold? Are you experiencing a musty odor, growth on your walls, ceilings or other building materials? If you have mold growing in your house or workplace, often the only sign may be a moldy smell as your only clue that it’s there. If you can see mold growth, even if it’s only small, you should take action immediately. If so you have, or suspect you have a mold problem, you should thoroughly inspect your home before any mold growth, and the damage mold causes, get worse. Few people are aware of this, but mold actually consumes your structures building materials slowly over time as a food source. Mold will slowly eat away any of your structures carbon based building materials and contents. Common mold food sources include carpeting, furniture, dry wall, sheet rock, wood, housing frames, roofs, walls and ceilings. Mold infestation has been the cause of several businesses and residences being condemned, as well as resulting in mortgages or refinances being granted for properties. Mold is caused by excessive moisture present with in your structure, so if you have recently experienced any type of water damage or water mishap you may have developed a mold problem. If you have not sustained water damage that you know of, you may have unseen water damage such a pipe leaking behind a wall, or a source of excessive moisture in the structure or even a faulty HVAC system can cause mold.

Other classic tell tell Signs that you could have a mold problem in your house include allergies, health symptoms, and signs of toxic black mold poisoning. If you experience allergies more when at home or in the workplace then at any other place, you may be dealing with a mold problem. Other health conditions that can be caused by or aggravated by mold exposure include allergic reactions and hay fever like symptoms due to mold exposure. Mold exposure has also been known to aggravate and cause asthma attacks, as well as compound problems for people with COPD. Mold exposure can cause flu like symptoms and lung infections as well. People with immune system problems are highly susceptible to health problems caused by mold exposure, as well as the elderly, children and small animals. If you have or suspect you have a mold problem you should call the IICRC certified mold remediation experts at NRN services of Erie, PA today.

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NRN services of Erie, PA, has been providing mold remediation and mold testing services for well over 30 years. We are a full service mold testing and remediation family run business, we provide a full range of services including mold containment, mold removal, mold testing, IAQ testing ( Indoor Ai Quality ), Moisture reading to pinpoint the source of any mold infestations, repair of any mold damage to building materials that has occurred, and repair of any water damage that has occurred. NRN services will work directly with you or your insurance agency, and we offer a best price guarantee, no one can match the prices we offer, not our level of service. NRN services will perform a full mold assessment of your structure and determine the extent of the mold problem, if mold is present. We will then inform you of your options for addressing both your mold problem and your moisture problem that has caused the mold to take hold of your property. Our expert mold remediation technicians will not only remove your mold, we locate the source of your structures excess moisture causing the mold growth and eliminate that as well, so that the mold does not come back. Call NRN services today for a mold assessment, and see what options we can provide for you.

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