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Does your property have a musty odor? Noticeable growth on your walls? Have you recently sustained any type of water damage or water mishap on your property? Do any residents or employes on your property suffer from unexplained health conditions? If so your property may be affected by a mold infestation. Mold can sometimes go unseen for years, laying behind walls, Sheetrock and under or behind various building materials. Certified mold remediation experts can test your property for mold and spot any mold damage that may have occurred, and develop a plan to remove or remediate the mold on your property. While mold is indeed a natural part of the environment, and every property has a certain level of mold present, if these mold levels pass a certain threshold, your property can become mold infested.

All molds reproduce via spores, which the mold produce. These spores will go airborne and may even lay dormant for years, coming to life again when the right level of humidity or moisture is present. Mold will slowly destroy your properties building materials. Any carbon based building materials may serve as a food source for mold on your property, some building materials that serve as a food source for mold include wood, drywall, Sheetrock, carpeting and furniture. Mold is also linked to numerous health problems, such as asthma attacks, lung infections, allergic reactions and more.


Mold actually requires very few things to take a firm hold of your property. Two of the three things mold requires to grow and take hold of a property are present in every structure: food sources and appropriate temperatures. It is only when Water Intrusion or When relative humidity becomes elevated indoors, that all three conditions are met for a mold outbreak. If you have a mold problem on your property you also have a water or excessive moisture problem present. A certified mold remediation expert can not only pin point where and if you have mold present on your property, but will also pin point the source of the water or excessive moisture problem.

NRN services of Rhode Island is your local trusted mold remediation expert. With over 30 years of experience in every aspect of mold remediation, NRN services certified in water damage restoration and mold remediation. NRN services uses the latest and most advanced techniques and equipment available in this field. If you are worried about mold being present in your home or business, our certified mold remediation experts can perform a full assessment of your property and identify any mold incursion or mold damage present, as well as identifying any water or moisture problem that has led to or may lead to a mold problem. If we have determined that you do indeed have a mold or moisture problem, we can give you our recommendations on how to correct the problems and remove the mold and moisture problems. We follow the strict, safe and industry standard guidelines set forth by the IICRC when addressing any mold or potential mold infestations and water or moisture problems. Every single mold remediation expert at NRN services is fully IICRC certified for mold and water damage restoration.

NRN services will gladly work with your insurance agency, or offer direct billing at your option. Our service is affordable to even those without insurance coverage for mold exposure, as we have a best price guarantee. We will come an inspect your property completely, if we find a mold problem, we can give you your complete range of options for mold removal and containment. If their are health issues connected with mold exposure at your property, or if we find a large scale mold infestation, we may recommend or require an IAQ or indoor air quality report be performed. Mold spores travel through the air, and we may require this information in order to develop a mold removal plan best suited to your properties unique mold exposure situation. If the level of mold contamination is severe, we may require that a microbiologist test the area in order for us to create the appropriate mold removal plan. Worried about mold in your home or workplace? Then call the experts at NRN services today for a mold contamination assessment.

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